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—-2000   TOPCOD  Desiccant Factory

—- 2004    Foshan Shunde Topcod Industrial Co.,Ltd and got the Certification                ISO9001 , ISO14001

—- 2005   Become SONY foxconn global designated suppliers 

—- 2008    Founded moisture, mildew, rust packaging materials R & D department

—- 2010    The first enterprise obtained the national drug packaging materials production license

—- 2011    Humidity indicator card division invention Cobalt-free halogen-free humidity indicator card, for the only one that can reach the advanced technology manufacturers, humidity indicator cards sales in the same year sales accounted for more than 25% of global sales

—- 2012    Huawei presented its IC packaging materials to reach the high standard, Trump became the only company to achieve a high technical standard vendor Huawei.

—- 2013   Set up Shenzhen Toppack

—- 2014    Attract talents,spent heavily to introduce advanced equity incentive system

—- 2016  TOPCOD and Shunde Institute signed a joint research and became postgraduate training practice base.

—- 2016   Public company . Code:668091

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