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    TOPCOD(stock code 668091) was established in 2000, set up a branch in Shenzhen, Shunde,specialized in producing various types of environmental desiccant(moisture beads) and anti-film,humidity indicator cards,foil bag rust and other moisture-proof packing materials business related products,ptoviding customers a full range of moisture,mold solutions.

   The company has the highest level of the most advanced desiccant packaging production lines,daily output of over 1 million packets;And have a first-class technical team,equipped with highly sophisticated detection equipment,has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification,the products have passed today’s high standardtest:SIMT National Test Center certification,the product quality reaches the standard U.S. military MIL-D-346E,the German standards DIN55473;MA Guangdong Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for certification of product quality to the Japanese Industrial JISZ0701;SGS testing and certification of compliance with EU RoHS environmental protection command and SONYGp standards.

    Firms with”customer-oriented,people-oriented;to provide high quality,competitive products and services,employee rewards society” philosophy,and always adhere to the advanced technology with outstanding services,according to the needs of each client to develop personalized service program : standard to help customers achieve their goals.

    Currently,Depp has high reputation in the industry,Guangzhou HONDA,Panasonic,SONY and other companies have been included in world-class pride in our customer list, and well received ;products sell well all over the country,some products are far sales in Europe and America and Southeast Asia,Thailand ,South Korea,Japan ,Hongkong and many other countries and regions .

    The company has a dynamic,efficient and sophisticated staff , always adhere to market-oriented,research-based marketing model ,adhere to the “innovation,harmony sophisticated “corporate values.

    Now ,the company’s business is to increase several times the values in the business growth and also continue to invest new money in new product development among.And moisture,rust , mildew and anti-static made a breakthrough.

    The future,TOPCOD in product development,market development,customer service,environmental protection,energy and funds to invest more,and provide richer,excellent products,provide customers with quality service and continuous efforts......

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